About the Cancer, Fertility and Me Team

Women with cancer asked for information to help them think about the treatments which may help preserve their fertility, and prepare them to talk with their cancer care team and fertility care team, partner, family and friends about fertility preservation, before their cancer treatment starts.

This website was written by the Cancer, Fertility and Me (CFM) team to help women with cancer make decisions about fertility preservation before starting their cancer treatment.

The CFM team includes psychologists, decision scientists, researchers, children’s and adult cancer and fertility doctors, specialist nurses, patient partners and local and national charity collaborators.

We hope this website will support you to know what options are available and help you make the best decision for you.

The CFM research team is grateful to all the patients, user groups and health professionals who gave their time and expertise to support the development of this website.

The CFM research team members are:

Professor Georgina Jones, Professor of Health Psychology (Leeds Beckett University)

Professor Richard Anderson, Professor of Clinical Reproductive Science (University of Edinburgh)

Dr Ellissa Baskind, Sub-Specialty Trainee Registrar in Reproductive Medicine (Leeds Teaching Hospitals)

Professor Hilary Bekker, Professor of Medical Decision Making (University of Leeds)

Grete Brauten-Smith, Clinical Nurse Specialist Younger Women (Breast Cancer Care)

Tonia Campbell, Cancer Patient and Lay Advocate

Professor Karen Collins, Professor of Health Services Research (Sheffield Hallam University)

Dr Frances Darby – Registered Nurse and Research Assistant, Leeds Beckett University

Jacqui Gath, Cancer Patient and Lay Advocate

Professor Diana GreenfieldMacmillan Consultant Nurse in Late Effects (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals) and Professor in Cancer Survivorship (University of Sheffield)

Jane Hughes, Research Associate (Leeds Beckett University)

Dr Richard Jacques, Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Medical Statistics (University of Sheffield)

Samantha Kennedy (Director of Weston Park Charity)

Dr Sheila Lane, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist (University of Oxford)

Dr Neda Mahmoodi, Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Research Fellow (Leeds Beckett University)

Dr Mariano Mascarenhas, Clinical Fellow, Leeds Fertility, Seacroft Hospital, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Dr Rachael Moss – Research Assistant, Leeds Beckett University

Dr Bob Phillips, Senior Clinical Academic and Honorary Consultant Paediatric Oncologist (University of York and Leeds Children’s Hospital)

Dr Jonathan Skull, Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)

Professor John Snowden, Consultant Haematologist (Sheffield Teaching Hospitals)

Dr Dan Stark, Senior Lecturer in Cancer Medicine (University of Leeds) and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology (Leeds Teaching Hospitals)

Professor Galina Velikova, Consultant Medical Oncologist (Leeds Teaching Hospitals, University of Leeds)

Katharina Vogt – Research Assistant, Leeds Beckett University

Ali Walker (Independent Cancer Patient Voices)

Dr Dan Yeomanson, Consultant Paediatric Oncologist (Sheffield Children’s Hospital)

For a full list of the evidence we used to research and develop this website and readability levels please go to:


Update policy

​​The development of the website was funded by the University of Edinburgh based upon research funded by Yorkshire Cancer Research. The CFM research team members do not stand to gain or lose with regards to the use of this resource.

Every effort has been made to ensure that this resource provides up to date and accurate information at the date of publication (July 2020). The CFM team will continually review emerging evidence to ensure that accurate information is presented. The CFM team will update the resource annually, unless any new evidence emerges that warrants earlier updating. The next planned update will take place in July 2021.

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